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A Surprise on the Writing Journey: The Debut Novel Just Became Two!

Hello, everyone,

As an author, each day is a new adventure. The journey of writing is often just as exciting and unpredictable as the stories we pen, filled with unexpected twists and revelations that can change the entire course of the narrative. Today, I am thrilled to share one such twist with you, a development that has made my journey to publishing my debut novel even more exhilarating!

When I first set out to write my novel, I envisaged it as one book. A single, thrilling narrative that would capture your hearts and imaginations. However, as I dove deeper into the world of my characters, the story started to take on a life of its own.

In the midst of my editing process, I came to a surprising realization: I had actually written two books instead of one. Yes, you read it right! The narrative I had originally seen as a single, comprehensive story had evolved into two distinct, engaging tales, each with its own compelling start, middle, and end.

At first, I was stunned. But as I looked at these two narratives, I realized that they each had a unique essence, their own individual spirit that deserved to be told separately. The richness of the plot, the complexity of the characters, and the vibrancy of their world had naturally divided the story into two parts.

And so, my upcoming debut novel, initially announced as 'Poppy the Pixie: The Seedling,' has now blossomed into two debut novels!

Book 1 has been re-titled as 'Poppy the Pixie: The Awakening,' introducing our brave young protagonist and the magical world she is about to discover. Book 2, retaining the original name, 'Poppy the Pixie: The Seedling,' continues her thrilling journey, revealing even more about the enchanted universe she navigates. The splitting of the original novel into two separate books allows me to delve deeper into Poppy's character and the enchanting plot that revolves around her, lending the story an even greater richness and depth.

And for you, my wonderful readers, this means double the excitement, double the adventure, and double the pixie magic!

I am now holding two completed manuscripts in my hands, the first two books of what I hope will become a series that you will fall in love with. 'Poppy the Pixie: The Awakening' and 'Poppy the Pixie: The Seedling' mark the beginning of an enchanting saga that I can't wait for you to explore. The editing process is ongoing, with each day bringing new discoveries and improvements to the story. It's a labor of love, one that becomes more rewarding with each passing day.

Stay tuned for more updates on the journey to publication, and get ready for the exciting adventures of Poppy the Pixie!

This unexpected turn of events has made the journey to my debut publication even more exciting and rewarding. It has reminded me of the magic of storytelling, of its power to surprise and inspire, even the author herself!

I want to thank you all for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to me, and I can't wait to share these two novels with you. Stay tuned for more updates on the publication process and the exciting new adventures that await us!

Until the next update,

Maya Collins

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