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Now is the time to dive into the Magical World of Poppy the Pixie!


We have an exciting announcement for all fantasy book lovers out there! The highly anticipated first book of the Poppy the Pixie series, titled "The Awakening," has finally been released on Amazon! After months of meticulous editing and years in the making, this modern fantasy adventure is now available for readers to delve into. Prepare to join Poppy as she embarks on a dual life, juggling the complexities of school, family, friends, and the exploration of her captivating pixie heritage. With the book also being available on Amazon Unlimited, there's no excuse not to embark on this enchanting journey!

Unveiling Poppy's World

"The Awakening" invites readers into a world where modern reality intertwines seamlessly with folklore. Poppy, our spirited protagonist, grapples with the challenges of being a teenager while uncovering her pixie lineage. As the story unfolds, questions arise: Is she the last pixie? Where have all the other pixies gone? Join Poppy on her quest to unveil the truth and unlock the mysteries surrounding her existence.

A Tale of Dual Life

Poppy's life is anything but ordinary. Alongside the usual teenage struggles of school, family, and friendships, she must navigate the extraordinary aspects of her pixie heritage. Experience the thrill as she shrinks to a mere two inches tall and ventures into a magical world teeming with wonder and danger. Through Poppy's eyes, readers will witness the unique challenges she faces while balancing her two disparate lives.

Captivating Themes and Engaging Storyline

"The Awakening" explores themes of self-discovery, courage, and the importance of embracing one's true identity. As Poppy uncovers the secrets of her heritage, readers will be captivated by the blend of fantastical elements and relatable teenage experiences. This modern fantasy series promises to take readers on an unforgettable adventure, leaving them eagerly anticipating the next chapter of Poppy's journey.

Available on Amazon Unlimited

We have great news for Kindle Unlimited subscribers! "The Awakening" is now part of the extensive library available on Amazon Unlimited. This means that subscribers can dive into the magical world of Poppy the Pixie without any additional cost. It's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this captivating series and follow Poppy's adventures as she unravels the mysteries of her pixie heritage.


If you're a fan of modern fantasy, "The Awakening" is a must-read! Join Poppy as she grapples with the complexities of her dual life while exploring her pixie heritage. Experience the thrill of being two inches tall and embark on an enchanting adventure filled with mysteries, friendships, and self-discovery. Get your copy of "The Awakening" today and let the captivating world of Poppy the Pixie transport you to realms beyond imagination.

Available on amazon kindle
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Hello, everyone,

As an author, each day is a new adventure. The journey of writing is often just as exciting and unpredictable as the stories we pen, filled with unexpected twists and revelations that can change the entire course of the narrative. Today, I am thrilled to share one such twist with you, a development that has made my journey to publishing my debut novel even more exhilarating!

When I first set out to write my novel, I envisaged it as one book. A single, thrilling narrative that would capture your hearts and imaginations. However, as I dove deeper into the world of my characters, the story started to take on a life of its own.

In the midst of my editing process, I came to a surprising realization: I had actually written two books instead of one. Yes, you read it right! The narrative I had originally seen as a single, comprehensive story had evolved into two distinct, engaging tales, each with its own compelling start, middle, and end.

At first, I was stunned. But as I looked at these two narratives, I realized that they each had a unique essence, their own individual spirit that deserved to be told separately. The richness of the plot, the complexity of the characters, and the vibrancy of their world had naturally divided the story into two parts.

And so, my upcoming debut novel, initially announced as 'Poppy the Pixie: The Seedling,' has now blossomed into two debut novels!

Book 1 has been re-titled as 'Poppy the Pixie: The Awakening,' introducing our brave young protagonist and the magical world she is about to discover. Book 2, retaining the original name, 'Poppy the Pixie: The Seedling,' continues her thrilling journey, revealing even more about the enchanted universe she navigates. The splitting of the original novel into two separate books allows me to delve deeper into Poppy's character and the enchanting plot that revolves around her, lending the story an even greater richness and depth.

And for you, my wonderful readers, this means double the excitement, double the adventure, and double the pixie magic!

I am now holding two completed manuscripts in my hands, the first two books of what I hope will become a series that you will fall in love with. 'Poppy the Pixie: The Awakening' and 'Poppy the Pixie: The Seedling' mark the beginning of an enchanting saga that I can't wait for you to explore. The editing process is ongoing, with each day bringing new discoveries and improvements to the story. It's a labor of love, one that becomes more rewarding with each passing day.

Stay tuned for more updates on the journey to publication, and get ready for the exciting adventures of Poppy the Pixie!

This unexpected turn of events has made the journey to my debut publication even more exciting and rewarding. It has reminded me of the magic of storytelling, of its power to surprise and inspire, even the author herself!

I want to thank you all for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to me, and I can't wait to share these two novels with you. Stay tuned for more updates on the publication process and the exciting new adventures that await us!

Until the next update,

Maya Collins

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  • Writer's pictureMaya Collins

Creating the story of Poppy the Pixie has been a remarkable journey, resembling a reiterative cycle more than a straightforward path. This process, which has been imbued with inspiration, self-doubt, and countless learning experiences, has spanned several months of fervent writing and introspection. Poppy's tale, germinating in my heart and mind for years, has finally taken root and is now reaching out towards the sun.

Many may think that the tale of Poppy is a simple fantasy story, but it holds a deeper resonance for me. In many ways, it mirrors my own life. No, I am not a pixie in the physical sense, but perhaps in spirit, I embody that pixie-like wonder and courage. Just like Poppy, I have felt the weight of the world, struggled with self-doubt, grappled with depression and anxiety, my own version of the Rot.

Yet, within these struggles, there's a silver lining, a beacon of hope that I've tried to imbue within Poppy's tale. Just as Poppy discovers her inner strength to combat the Rot, I too have found resilience within myself, even in the face of adversity. These shared experiences have made Poppy's story not just a narrative to be written, but a personal journey to be walked.

Currently, I've reached the first editing phase, having completed the initial writing process. Editing is a different beast altogether. It's a phase of refinement, of polishing the story to its best form. This stage requires a meticulous eye, immense patience, and a deep understanding of the narrative's heart. Each round of edits brings Poppy's story into a clearer, more potent form, which is rewarding in its own unique way.

After the first editing phase, it's essential for me to take a step back, to allow for a period of 'creative pause.' This pause is a necessary part of my creative process, allowing me to return to the story with fresh eyes and a rejuvenated spirit. It's during this period that I often find new insights and perspectives that help enrich the narrative further.

Poppy's tale, in essence, is a testament to the strength within us all. It's a story of transformation, of turning trials into triumphs, and of the power of empathy and love. As I approach the end of this chapter of my writing journey, I am filled with gratitude for everyone who has joined Poppy and me on this ride. Your support has been invaluable, a magic in itself.

As we move forward, here's to the magic that lies ahead, to the lessons we'll learn, and to the stories we'll tell. The journey continues, and I can't wait to see where it takes us next!

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