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About Me

About Maya Collins

Maya Collins is a debut author with a passion for writing middle-grade literature that explores the complexities of real-life issues through the lens of the fantastical. She believes in the power of storytelling to inspire empathy, compassion, and personal growth in young readers.

Maya’s work focuses on themes such as friendship, family, bullying, jealousy, and loss. She weaves these issues seamlessly into her stories, creating relatable characters and engaging plotlines that capture the imagination of her readers. Maya believes that by combining real-life issues with elements of magic and fantasy, she can help young readers confront and overcome challenges in their own lives.

Maya is dedicated to creating inclusive and diverse stories that represent a wide range of experiences and perspectives. She hopes her books will inspire young readers to embrace their uniqueness, celebrate their differences, and find their own voices in a complex and ever-changing world.

The Awakening
Poppy the Pixie Series Book 1

Imagine waking up one day to discover you're not who you thought you were - this is the reality for twelve-year-old Poppy, possibly the last pixie of her kind.

Poppy, a typical girl from the peaceful town of Westwood, Oregon, was navigating the usual challenges of school, family, friendships, and even bullies until a profound secret revealed her pixie heritage. Now, her life whirls between two realms - the human world with its everyday ups and downs, and the magical pixie one, rich with enchantment and perils. As she delves deeper into her lineage, Poppy discovers an environmental threat looming over her beloved forest and town. Yet, there is an even more sinister presence lurking in the shadows, manipulating events and casting an ominous shadow over both of her intertwined worlds.


The Awakening is the first thrilling installment in the series about Poppy the Pixie. It chronicles Poppy's extraordinary coming-of-age journey entwined with the allure of pixie magic. Perfect for Middle-Grade readers and beyond, this series welcomes you into a world where resilience, courage, friendship, and self-discovery meet in an unforgettable adventure.

Where the mundane meet the epic.

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Maya's Musings
Book Updates and Insights into the Writing and Editing Process

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